Pawn Loan

24K Från 540 kr/g
23K Från 480 kr/g
21K Från 460 kr/g
18K Från 420 kr/g
14K Från 315 kr/g


  • You have to be 18 years old to loan money at our pawnshop.
  • You need a Swedish social security number to loan money at our pawnshop.

Determine Value

You can pawn anything that has a resale value and that we can securely store and manage.
Common items to pawn are jewelry, electronics, watches, art and antiques. We have experts in all fields and are happy to help you determine the value of your items.

Our experts will determine the resale value of your items based age, quality, material and resale-ability. And you can loan 80% of that resale value.



Next step is to determine how much money you would like to loan and when you want to collect your item. Our loans lasts for 1-4 month, if you don’t want or can redeem the loan you can always renew the loan.

After we have agreed on the loan you’ll get the money sent to your bank account or if it a small amount you can get it in cash.


Redeem & Renew loans

When the loan has expired you can choose to collect your items, you will pay back the amount paid and the accrued interest and expense fees. If you want to renew your loan another 1-4 month, you will pay the accrued interest and expense fees.

You can renew your loans at any of our pawnshops or through Swish. If you want to renew your loan through Swish please call any of our pawnshop to get the accurate amount of money you should pay.

If you want to redeem your loan, please visit the pawnshop you got the loan at.

And if you don’t want to collect your item at all, we will sell it for you on our auction. If there is a surplus after the auction you are welcome to come and collect the surplus at the pawnshop sold your items.

How much does it cost?

Our interest is from 2,5% a month. Our expedition fee is at 50 kr, you will have to pay the expedition fee when you renew or redeem your loan.

If you decide not to collect your items, no fees will be incurred.



loan up to 10000 kr 3,5%/month
part of loan over 10000 kr 2,50%/month


Interest rate and fees

Interest rates Month Year
Loan up to 10 000 kr 3.5% 42%
Part of loan over 10 000 kr 2,5% 30%


1000 kr 35 kr / month
3000 kr 105 kr / month
5000 kr 175 kr / month
10 000 kr 350 kr / month
25 000 kr 725 kr / month
50 000 kr 1350 kr / month


Expedition fee 50 kr
Lost pawn ticket 30 kr
Reminder fee 30 kr
Deferment 50 kr
Fee after date of payment 100 kr
Remove loan from auction 200 kr

Calculate loan cost and fees

Do you want to loan money and want to know the cost?
Here you can use the calculator to see how much your loan will cost after a chosen period of time.

The price above is the total cost of repaying the loan.
Which includes the loan amount, the interest cost and the handling fee.
Do not forget that the interest is deductible.